In 2018, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania intends to award permits for the following:

Grower/Processor Licenses
Dispensary Licenses

With almost 20% of your application approval dependent on a solid security plan—

you need an experienced partner

Meet The Green Team

The Green Team’s vast knowledge of the cannabis industry affords us the expertise to create a customized plan for your organization concerning the security, transportation and diversion sections of the Pennsylvania Application.

The Green Team will engineer a tailored security plan to fit your facility and unique site-specific operation conditions. We will develop strategic policies and procedures for every aspect of your security plan, including:

  • Customized security policies and procedures
  • Security drawings, including outlined camera placements
  • Alarm placement and access control
  • Adaptation procedures for unforeseen scenarios and situations
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Security officer protocol
  • Security equipment operation procedures

The Green Team offers our clients a competitive advantage. We provide all encompassing security plans that meet and exceed all State requirements.

Get Started Today

Due to the complexity and time constraints of developing a customized plan, the Green Team will only work with a small group of applicants.

To be considered, contact us by April 15.
We will not be able to accept any further requests after that date.

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