Security Guards for the Cannabis Industry

The Green Team is a division of Security Resources, Inc.  Since 1995, Security Resources has been providing security guard and investigative services throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico for thousands of businesses in multiple industries including numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Security Resources provides permanent, temporary and emergency security guard services – armed and unarmed.

Since its inception, the Company has:

  • Secured over 4 million individual security shifts.
  • Recruited, trained and managed over 30,000 security officers.
  • Written and implemented hundreds of security guard post procedures and orders.
  • Served as a key resource for businesses during every U.S. based hurricane and natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Our trademarked XpressGuard® service provides emergency and temporary security officers on demand at over two hundred locations each and every day.



Our twenty plus years of experience providing security guard services in numerous industries have afforded us a broad understanding of security that we depend on to develop and refine our internal best practices from lessons learned. We employ that collective knowhow to deliver our clients with security solutions that fit their individual circumstances and needs.

The cannabis industry has its own unique set of challenges that will continue to change over time.  We have created The Green Team as a separate division of Security Resources to service this emerging industry.

The Green Team Provides:

  • Fully licensed, trained and insured security officers that meets and exceeds all State and Local requirements
  • Weapons training qualification in each of the following areas: weapons and safety, legal limitations of firearm use, marksmanship and range safety and qualifications on the range.
  • Customized post orders, policies and procedures
  • On-going training and re-certifications
  • Security officers that are fully trained and qualified on the actual electronic and physical security systems where they are required to work

While there may be similarities among different security systems, there can be vast differences in how those systems are utilized.  Ultimately, their use is governed based upon the unique circumstances in each facility.  This is why we require each of our security officers to be trained on the actual equipment that they will use each and every day.