How To Apply in California

How to Apply for Your Cannabis Application in California
The Green Team can assist you with your applications for dispensaries, cultivation and multipurpose facilities in California.

Security is a very important part of your application.  All merit based cannabis license applications require that security be addressed within the application itself. 

States that have legalized cannabis and issued licenses for medical and recreational consumption are very concerned about the public’s perception of the cannabis industry.  They feel that they have taken a risk and they don’t want to see negative press that might make them look bad.


You can be certain that legislators at State and Federal levels are paying close attention to the cannabis industry. They realize that well designed and implemented security plans will help minimize the risk of criminals causing loss and harm to individuals. 

The Green Team can provide you with a professionally designed security plan that will meet and exceed California State’s requirements.  We have several security plan options that you can chose from – depending upon your requirements.

Write Your Own Plan
You have the option to write your own plan from a template that we will provide, based upon the security requirements for California. Depending upon your security and technical knowledge, this may suffice for you.

This option is only available for dispensary applications.

Complete Security Plan You Implement
This is a complete, detailed and integrated security plan that can be implemented immediately by you and your team upon receipt of your license.  This detailed plan includes pricing, exact numbers of switch plates, all equipment including cameras, connectors, lines and estimates for installation and integration.

If you are applying for a dispensary license and provided you are technically proficient and have the resources, this option may work for you.

If you are applying for a cultivation facility or multi-purpose facility, we can provide you with a complete detailed plan that you can implement yourself.  Due to the complexities of growth and multipurpose facilities this will be a very detailed plan and will require a high level of technical proficiency and with integration.  Unless you are certain that you have the resources to successfully implement this plan, we would not recommend this option. 


Complete Turn Key Security with Installation, Integration and Implementation by the Green Team
This is a complete Turn Key fully integrated security plan which we will implement upon receipt of your license. This will include all equipment installation, integration and policies and procedures – all designed to mesh seamlessly with your business operations plan.  It also includes our fully trained and properly licensed security officers – trained on your customized system.

We plan on being your security partner for life.

Your most effective security plan is designed in the “blue print” phase of your project where security risks have already been assessed and can be mitigated before construction begins. Security procedures can be built into the design of your facility.  It is also the least expensive plan to implement since it has incorporated work flow needs with security in mind right from the design stage.  This eliminates work arounds and design changes after the fact.

The Green Team will provide you with a complete integrated security solution.  We will provide you with a complete security plan for your application that will exceed State requirements.

We offer highly competitive pricing on all equipment, full manufacturer warranties, annual security reviews and updated policies and procedures as warranted.