Cannabis Security Consulting
Our consulting services range from license applications to complete Turn Key program implementations for multi-purpose facilities. Green Team offers numerous consulting services including but are not limited to the following areas:

  • License Application
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation
  • Integration
  • Documentation
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Training
  • Emergency Response
  • Lock Down Procedures
  • Transportation
  • Security Guards
  • And More…


We also review existing security plans and can provide gap analysis, revisions and complete plan rewrites.

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Applying for a Cannabis license?
All merit based cannabis license applications require that security be addressed within the application itself.  The Green Team can provide you with several security plan options depending upon your requirements.

Write Your Own Cannabis Security Plan
You have the option to write your own plan from a template that we will provide you based upon the security requirements for the State where you are applying. Depending upon your security and technical knowledge, this may suffice for you.

Complete Cannabis Security Plan You Implement
This is a complete, detailed and integrated security plan that can be implemented immediately by you and your team upon receipt of your license.

Complete Turn Key Cannabis Security Plan with Installation, Integration and Implementation
This is a complete Turn Key fully integrated security plan which we will implement upon receipt of your license. This will include all equipment installation, integration and policies and procedures – all designed to mesh seamlessly with your business operations plan.

Cultivation and Multi-Purpose Facilities

Cultivation and multi-purpose facilities require much greater depth and analysis in order to provide an effective security plan that will not only meet, but will exceed all state licensing requirements.

Write Your Own Cannabis Security Plan
Cultivation and multi-purpose facilities present a more complicated set of challenges due to the complex nature of their operations.  For this reason, we do not offer a “Write Your Own Plan” option.

Complete Turn Key Cannabis Security Plan with Installation, Integration and Implementation
Your most effective security plan is designed in the “blue print” phase of your project where security risks have already been assessed and can be mitigated before construction begins. Security procedures can be built into the design of your facility.  It is also the least expensive plan to implement since it has incorporated work flow needs with security in mind right from the design stage.  This eliminates work arounds and design changes after the fact.

The Green Team can provide you with a complete integrated security solution.  We will provide you with a complete security plan for your application that will exceed State requirements.

Our Turn Key solution includes all equipment, installation, integration and implementation including all policies and procedures.  It also includes our fully trained and properly licensed security officers – trained on your customized system.

We offer highly competitive pricing on all equipment, full manufacturer warranties, annual security reviews and updated policies and procedures as warranted.

Already have a plan…or think you have a plan?


We plan on being your security partner for life.


Let us review it. We will provide you with a Free Consultation feedback on your existing security plan.  Of course, we require a nondisclosure agreement and you have no obligation to hire us.

We are confident that if you are serious about your security, you will understand our value, dedication and expertise in keeping your assets secure.